Signature Colours

I will send your signature colours marked with a sticker on the back of your swatch.


No Signature Colours?

But if you have a swatch from some time back and If I haven’t already marked your signature colours just send a good photo (see photo instructions for Step 1) and send me a high quality photo and a close up of your eyes so can distinctly see your eye colour.

Do not cover your hair – this is important for me to see in signature colours!

Also, send a photo of the swatch you have (this way I can figure out which print run it was from).  I will then select colours and send you a photo of the names of them.

More About Signature Colours

Read this and watch the video

Please do also read this and watch the video in the post as I talk about signature colours and how I select them and also why some colours are left out of your signatures.

Colour Analysis for a Family Member

Are you loving your colours so much you want to get a colour analysis for a family member (or two)?

As a valued client, I offer this to my 7 Steps to Style members for a special price of $180USD and it includes their full swatch, colour guide and signature colours selected!