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Congratulations on taking the first step to take charge of your personal image. Now you’ve joined my exclusive 7 Steps to Style membership forum and my self-guided image consultation 7 Steps to Style System.  You obviously have come to understand the importance of valuing your personal brand and the impact it has on your self-esteem and confidence as well as your level of success in work and life.

You’ve committed to being the best, most authentic version of you and really want to learn the skills to fulfill your mission to become stylish and self-confident to go out and take opportunities by the horns and achieve your dreams.

So how do you get the most value from this program?

  1. Work through each step in turn. Do all the exercises and engage fully with the materials provided.
  2. Download Your Personal Style Guide document  – here is the place you can create a summary of everything you learn in the program – the most important aspects of each Step kept together all in one place.
  3. Don’t censor yourself as you write your answers.  Nobody else needs to see what you’ve written, nobody is judging you – this is an outlet for you to express yourself and really get to know who you are at the core.
  4. Take part in the 7 Steps to Style private facebook group forum (copy and paste this link into your browser  https://www.facebook.com/groups/7stepstostyle/ and request to join) , ask questions, answer questions, share opinions and queries.  I’m here for you and want to help you get the most from the program, so don’t be shy, speak up!  Do upload photos of yourself and ask questions!  I’m here to help.
  5. There is no ideal speed to which you work through the program, you could do it in a few days or do it over 7 weeks or more if you wanted to.  Maybe you’d like to think about taking an evening a week to work through each step, away from the TV, the people you live with, friends and family.
  6. Even when you’ve finished the program, stay on the 7 Steps to Style forum, the more you interact and think about your style, the more it will develop and you’ll become more confident.
  7. Share your success with the 7 Steps to Style forum and congratulate yourself on becoming more stylish.
  8. Revisit the lessons every year or so.  Our lifestyle and needs change over time, our personality grows and develops.  Style is not static, body shapes and colouring change with age.

It’s now time to get on with the first step! Lessons are downloadable as a PDF lesson to work through, plus there will be additional videos to watch and links to blog posts that you may find useful.

When downloading and saving your PDF to print out and write on, don’t forget to choose the file to save the document to, or be able to find the DOWNLOADS folder on your hard drive.

Start with the Welcome Download below. Create a file on your computer to save all the PDF documents into so that you can find them again!