This page is designed to help you navigate your programs when you run in to trouble – if you cannot find a solution below, please complete the contact form below and we’ll help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

All of your content is available from your ‘My Account’ page.

  1. Please check the email address you purchased your new program with – is it the same email address you logged in with?
  2. Try logging out of InsideOutStyleMember, then logging back in again. This should refresh your browser and show you your new content.

You can update your contact details via the ‘Update Profile‘ page.

When you are already logged in.

When you are on any program or webinar page.

On the sidebar, click Change password.

It will redirect you to another page. Just prompt your new password.

Click save

If you are NOT logged in

Link this link to change the password.

Just follow the instruction on that page.

As your username is your email address, you will be unable to do this yourself.

Please email [email protected] with your current email address, and the new email address you wish to change it to.

No, you do not need to be in any of the  Facebook groups associated to our Programs. You are given all the tools you need to successfully complete the program with or without joining a Facebook group.

Simply visit the Facebook group applicable to you (you can find a link to them via link in the top of your sidebar of any of your program pages), and request to be added to the group.

Please note:

  • If your Facebook name is different to the name you have joined Inside Out Style Member with, please email [email protected] – so she knows to accept your request to join the Facebook group.
  • You must also be using a Facebook account under your name (ie., you will not be permitted into the group using your Partner, Husband, or other account).

All 7 Steps to Style members can purchase their full colour swatch from the Swatch Shop. You must be logged in, and paid up to Step 3 (for users with payment plans) to access this page.

Please refer to Step 3 of your 7 Steps to Style Program for instructions on how to request your Signature Colours.

  1. Ensure you are logged in.
  2. Go to My Account -> My Subscription
  3. Scroll Down to your ‘Related Orders’.
  4. Select the PAY button, next to the unpaid payment.
  5. Update/Add your details to the checkout form. Press ‘Renew Subscription’.
  6. Done!

If you have revoked permission for Inside Out Style Blog (or Academy of Personal Image or 16 Steps to Style) to use your personal data, your username, password and past product and program history will be erased from our system. As a result, you will no longer be able to access any of your wonderful style programs or any free downloads.

If you would like to regain access to any of your Inside Out Style, Academy of Professional Image or 16 Style Types Products or Programs, you will need to complete this form for us to manually reset your account and program access.

    If you’ve tried the above steps, or if you are having any other issues, please get in touch with us via the ‘How can we Help? chat box in the bottom right of your screen. We’ll help sort it out with you as quickly as possible!