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Discover your signature style, one that authentically represents your personal brand without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Create a vision of your personal brand image using a simple step-by-step process.

Get crystal clear as you visualise your personal brand image with a mood board that inspires and guides you so that you can dress with confidence every day.

It’s time to bring your style to life and create a magnetic personal brand image.

Inside Visualise Your Style you’ll get…

  • Expert 7 Step Process:

A step-by-step process to take you from finding your aesthetic through to developing your own personal brand image mood board that aligns authentically with your life and business goals so that you can start showing up as the expert you are on the inside.

  • Defined Values:

When you’re clear on  your values you’ll feel comfortable with every decision you make.  It’s a touchstone to help you stay on track.  Your personal brand image must be a reflection of your values.  You’ll define your values and then learn how to turn them into a visual form and from there into specific garments and accessories.

  • Your Signature Style Recipe:

You’ll develop your own signature style recipe, a set of easy to remember words specific to you and your style that will ensure that everything you buy aligns with your personal brand image and creates a signature style unique to you. Because you are not a clone but a unique being who wants to share her genius with the world your signature style recipe won’t come from copying someone else’s style. It’s called a recipe because it’s the ingredients that go together to make your style more delicious!

  • Personal Brand Image Mood Board:

Create a visual representation that gives you style inspiration and outfit ideas that you can create from your existing wardrobe or if you don’t have what you need already, giving you the exact direction of pieces you need to buy to turn your idea into concrete reality in your wardrobe.

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