Outfit Masterclass

$47.00 USD

Learn how to put together outfits that express your personality, that work for your body and lifestyle so that you feel confident and look fabulous every day.

Crack the code to choosing your outfit in less than 10 minutes a day

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About the Outfit Creation Masterclass

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn

  • Why you need to start thinking about food and flavours when putting your outfits together (and how this will revolutionise the way you dress)
  • How you can use the personality dressing styles to communicate your personality in every outfit
  • What external factors you need to consider when creating outfits
  • How to construct flattering outfits – your body, your proportions and using the golden mean to create an aesthetically pleasing outfit
  • How to choose where you put your outfit focal points
  • Where colour and value contrast come into your outfits (and how you can use them)
  • How to create your own personalised outfit formula
  • How to easily change the flavour of any outfit
  • How to build your outfit from the foundations up
  • How to get inspiration from other women’s outfits, and then translate them to suit you (rather than being a copy)
  • How to shop your wardrobe to make more of what you already own

Crack the code to choosing your outfit in less than 10 minutes a day with simple styling techniques to get you looking fabulous in every outfit.