How to Mix Colours

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Discover how to mix colours like a pro!

  • Find out which colours work well for each neutral
  • Which colours pair well together
  • Find out more about choosing the right denim colour for you and what to wear with it for your value contrast too.
  • Discover your essential – go-to shoe colour that will give you the most bang for you buck, plus how to choose the right shoe colour for any outfit.

Mix colours easily with this handy guide  – Just grab an item from your wardrobe, look up the colour and see what you can pair it with easily!



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 Learn how to combine colours in your outfits like a pro!

Did you know that the first thing we notice about what you’re wearing is the colour!  Before body shape and other aspects of style.
Get INSTANT ACCESS to How to Mix Colours ebook today.  If you ever wondered:
  • How to select your best colour pairings (hint: it’s got to do with your colouring, your value contrast and colour contrast)
  • How much of each colour to wear in any outfit
  • Which colours work well with each neutral (so you’re not stuck just pairing everything with black)
  • How changing your hair colour will change the way you wear colours
  • How to choose the right denim colour (and what colours to wear with it)
  • What colour shoes will give you the most bang for your buck  (and will work with most outfits) and how to select shoes for every outfit
Then you need this new and exclusive to the Outfit Masterclass ebook How to Mix Colours.
This ebook will make your outfit creation process easier as you identify exactly how to wear colours for your unique colouring.You are made of colour and wearing colours that harmonise with you will make every outfit look even more stylish.
It’s time to learn how to mix colours in your outfits