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Do you struggle to find stores that stock the clothing or styles or sizes you want?

Imagine having an insiders list of tried and tested stores so you have the confidence to shop online. Whether you just don’t fit the size standards or you’re wanting ideas to help you look further afield, these shopping guides will give you new stores to peruse so you can turn your Mood Boards into Outfits you love to wear every day!

We’ve done the research so that you can shop online with confidence.

Shopping Guides include:

How to shop effectively online
Plus Size
Large Bust
Wardrobe Essentials (sleepwear, shoes, etc.)
Amazon Finds
Tall women
USA & UK stores
Australian stores
Jeans Shopping Guide

Plus you’ll get access to every NEW guide we create!

Our Shopping Guides are not available elsewhere for sale, so if you’re keen to grab a copy then now is the only time you’ll see this offer.