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Colour Masterclass

$47.00 USD

Included in your Colour Masterclass:

  • On-demand 90 minute Colour Masterclass webinar $67 value
  • Downloadable: Finding Your Ideal Value and Contrasts Workbook and video guide  $25 value
  • 80 minute Colour and Personality Masterclass webinar $67 value


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Hair and Makeup Masterclass

$47.00 USD

Get tips and advice on everything from choosing a hair colour to going grey.  From fighting the frizz to finding the right hairstyle, all in our on demand Hair Masterclass Videos.

Plus in our Makeup Masterclass you’ll learn all about how to choose the right makeup colours as well as makeup techniques for both young and old.

Never Short on Style

$17.00 USD

Wouldn’t You Love to Know How To Dress To Look Taller? Are you tired of being overlooked because of your small size? Do your clothes seem to wear you instead of you wearing them?

If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed by your clothes and you’re interested in learning how to dress in a way that will flatter your body then I have the solution for you.

Never Short on Style: dressing and finessing the petite frame covers nearly everything you need to know about dressing to suit your special stature.

The Finishing Touch

$17.00 USD

Do you want to know the secrets of how to accessorize with style?

The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing is over 100 pages of useful and easy to apply information on how to add style to your outfits with accessories.

This fully illustrated eBook contains loads of colour pictures to help you choose the accessories that suit your body shape, flatter you, and work with your outfits. Watch a short video about the contents of The Finishing Touch.

Travelling Light

$17.00 USD

Do you end up taking more cases than you can manage when you go away?

Are you sick of paying for excess baggage?

I know you think you need to pack lots of clothes and accessories so you can dress for any occasion while you are away but you really don’t have to.

Learn how to pack for your next trip so you can easily take your luggage as carry-on and save time and the headache of lost luggage.

The Art of Packing Light video

$10.00 USD

Watch as I explain what you may need for a city break, a country escape and a beach holiday. Plus learn more about packing for business as well as holiday travel.

All this plus all my travel tips including:

  • My long-haul flight essentials
  • Packing methods
  • How to choose what to pack
  • Using accessories to change your outfits
  • Tips on using the travel and packing charts in the ebook

Plus so much more to help you learn to pack light for your next trip.

Travelling Light Video & eBook Bundle

$25.00 USD

Included are:

  • My formula for success plus packing lists and charts for you to print out and use on your next trip
  • How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe
  • Choosing Colours for your Travel Wardrobe
  • What to take on a business trip
  • What to take on a holiday, whether a city, country or tropical destination
  • How to add accessories to extend your travel wardrobe
  • What to wear on the plane
  • My long-haul flight essentials
  • In-flight carry-on regulations
  • Tips on packing toiletries (that are heavy and take up so much space)
  • Packing tips and techniques