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Congratulations on taking this step in your style transformation. You’re about to start looking at your style through a whole new lens.

And you’ll have me and your fellow 7 Steppers cheering you on and supporting you the whole way!

And one more thing…

I want to THANK YOU for your trust and confidence in my program and advice. I don’t take that trust lightly. I’m invested in your success. And am here to support you any way I can. So if you ever have questions or get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Now you need to do 3 things…

Firstly, check your inbox for your login email!  It will come from [email protected]  and you may find it in your spam/junk/promotions folder and need to drag and drop it back into your Inbox and let your mail program know that you don’t want my emails treated as junk!  I’ve got some instructions for Gmail users lower down on this page on exactly how to do it.

Secondly,  login and download start getting acquainted with the program.  Take each step as it comes and don’t rush!  Youll discover when you login that you have access to both Evolve Your Style and 7 Steps to Style – I do recommend going through Evolve Your Style as you work through 7 Steps as it’s a great way to experiment in small incremental ways each day and will really get you on the fast track to style!

Thirdly,  request to join up to the Facebook Group here as well!  It’s a really amazing and supportive environment and the community is an amazing resource with so much style knowledge you’d be mad to miss out on its power.

Let’s get started!

I can’t wait to see how you transform your style!

Got a problem logging in?

Here’s how you access your program – watch the video

If you can’t login please click the help button on the bottom right of the screen on the login page to start the process to get you all sorted out!

Please be aware my tech support may be on a different time zone and may be sleeping so please be patient, and we endeavour to get you sorted out as soon as possible!

How to Make Sure You Get My Emails in Gmail

If the confirmation email that has been sent was not delivered to your Primary Inbox, check the Spam/Promotions/Updates folders and when you find it drag and drop it into your PRIMARY Inbox.

Gmail will ask if you’d like this to always happen – click YES.

You’ll then see this message which means you have successfully completed this process.