How to create stylish and fabulous outfits in minutes masterclass with imogen lamport


Discover Your Secret Recipe To Putting Stylish Outfits Together

Finesse Your Style and Create Your Personal Outfit Formula

Crack the code to choosing your outfit in less than 10 minutes a day as you discover a revolutionary new way to think about outfits as well as learning simple styling techniques to get you looking stylish in every outfit so they never fall flat!

Does this sound like you?

You’ve got clothes and accessories in your closet, you just don’t know how to put them together in a way that makes you feel stylish every time and it’s currently killing your confidence.

Imagine if you could wake up each day with the confidence that you can put together an outfit that expresses your style from the inside out. How would that make you feel?


Learn how to create your own personalised outfit formula that you can apply to your wardrobe every day

With this personalised outfit formula you’ll be able to easily:

  1. Work your wardrobe and make more outfits from what you already own.
  2. How to easily change the flavour of any outfit to take it from casual to smart, or approachable to authoritative, or edgy to sophisticated.
  3. How to get inspiration from others without turning into a copy that doesn’t feel authentic to you.
  4. Know how to put together outfits for every dress code and different occasion in your life.
Imogen Lamport's Outfit Masterclass

Outfit Creation Masterclass

Inside this on-demand video in only a couple of hours masterclass
you will learn…

Outfits are Like Food

Why you need to start thinking about food and flavours when putting your outfits together (and how this will revolutionise the way you dress).

Personality Style

How you can use the personality dressing styles to communicate your personality in every outfit and every outfit feels like "you". How to combine them into your own stunning sartorial dishes.

Aesthetic Appeal

How to construct flattering outfits - your body, your proportions and using the golden mean to create aesthetically pleasing outfits that you love and that love you back!

Focal Points

How to choose where you put your outfit focal points to highlight and camouflage so that you feel confident and stylish in everything you wear.

Building Outfits

How to build your outfit from the foundations up that expresses your personality from the inside out. Discover simple styling hacks to make every outfit more succesful.

External Factors

Which external factors you must consider when creating your outfits and how to create balance with your personality and physicality. From super casual through to formal events you will discover my secret recipe to styling outfits for every occasion.

BONUS Outfit Masterclass Workbook

What Clients Say?

I really liked the Outfit Masterclass. As someone who has done both Evolve Your Style and 7 Steps, I have been thinking about my style a lot already, but I really appreciated the practical strategies about how to put outfits together in different ways and styles. I’m still in the process of shopping for items and trying a few things out but I’m sure I’ll be referring back to it again and again.
I enjoy online classes on a variety of subjects including glamour, style, and expanding my mind etc. As many as I have attended over the years, my all time favorite's are from Imogen. She is so helpful, detailed, and speaks in a way we can all relate to, and she includes so much information in all her classes. I thoroughly enjoyed the Outfit Masterclass and was able to build some new outfits that I had not thought about before, and dropped some rules that I had been holding onto. I actually bought some new accessories in a style and color that are new for me and I feel like I've totally transformed with an updated look for myself. I am very excited because this look is the start of new direction and transformation for my wardrobe and style!
I could not stop smiling while viewing Imogen Lamport’s new Outfit Masterclass. It is always a delight to watch a master at work—and that is exactly what is happening here. Imogen nimbly, and creatively, guides the viewer through a soup to nuts outfit experience, and with all the courses in-between. So. Much. Information. The video, along with the handbook download and other supporting files, makes it the perfect introduction to outfit creation. I can’t wait for the opportunity to gift this masterclass. I know this material well but gained a fun new perspective. I found myself reenergized to get back into my wardrobe to create my best outfits—and a bit giddy with anticipation. Why? Because, as Imogen notes, getting all the outfit ingredients exactly right for me is simply delicious!
Your Outfit Masterclass is wonderful! I've learned so much from your programs, but still was not confident in putting it into practice. The Masterclass has given me a whole new layer of understanding. In just a couple of days, it's given me a new perspective and plenty of ideas that I'm trying. Thanks so much!


Imogen Lamport

Hi, I’m so happy to meet you …

I’m Imogen Lamport, an internationally certified and award-winning Image Consultant who’s been helping women define their personal style to express their personality from the inside out for over 17 years.

I know what it’s like to feel unconfident and unsure about what to wear as I wasn’t born with style and had no confidence in choosing clothes or outfits. Getting my own style education transformed my life as well as my style and I’m passionate about teaching you the science and art of colour and style as I know what a massively positive impact it will have on your confidence and life. Because style is so much more than skin deep.

I’m so excited to be sharing with you in this Outfit Masterclass a revolutionary new way to combine your clothes and accessories into stylish outfits for every occasion in your life so that you don’t feel stuck or uninspired when choosing what to wear each day.

You’ll never look at your clothes in the same way again!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I watch the Outfit Masterclass?

The outfit masterclass is recorded and available on-demand. So you can watch it, pause, rewind and watch again and again at a time convenient to you. You have lifetime access to the Outfit Masterclass.

What happens after I purchase the Outfit Masterclass?

You will choose your password upon purchase and then be able to login to our Membership Website immediately and access the Outfit Masterclass. You can watch it at any time as you have lifetime access.

How do I get the most out of the Outfit Masterclass?

Inside the Outfit Masterclass you will have access to a comprehensive video that walks you through how to create outfits and your own personal outfit formula. Plus you can download the Outfit Masterclass workbook that when you complete will assist you in creating your own fabulous and stylish outfits. It’s full of inspiration and ideas and ways to improve your outfits every day.

Do I get a body shape analysis as part of the Outfit Masterclass?

No, this Outfit Masterclass assumes you know your body shape and colouring (if you don’t know them, you can get that as part of my 7 Steps to Style program). Or can do these as separate one-on-one consultations.

Get The Outfit Masterclass Today Just $47.00 USD NOW

Learn how to create your own delicious and delightful outfits that express your personality from the inside out as you become your own personal stylist.

You’ll discover a revolutionary new way of thinking about clothing and accessories and how to put them together into stylish outfits that express your style recipe.

You’ll learn simple styling hacks to up your style game.

You’ll get loads of inspiration and ideas as I illustrate how to tweak and style your outfits.

You’ll be inspired to shop your own wardrobe and be guided step-by-step to create your own personalised outfit formula that works for you and your lifestyle.

You’ll find the ingredients in that make up your secret recipe that makes every outfit combination a scrumptious sartorial dish.

You will never look at your wardrobe in the same way again!