Discover what suits your body

Now, what suits your body – this is not as simple as asking what suits your body shape, there are a whole series of elements that go together to make you look your best.

In Step 2 you will discover how all the pieces that go together to make your unique body affect your clothing choices.

From your facial features and face shape to the soles of your feet, we cover all the relevant pieces to find what physically suits your body.

In Step 1 we covered your personality and how that is so important and influential in choosing what styles of clothes to choose.  Now it’s time for the physical elements.


You can email me photos of yourself for body and face shape analysis (or pop them into the Facebook group if you like).

For body shape analysis – please the instructions here on taking photos  you can even do the quiz too.

For face shape analysis – your hair needs to be fully pulled back off your face.

Here are some extra videos to help you understand the elements in this Step of the System.