This is the most important step in the entire program! Yes it’s more important than your body shape, colouring or budget. Your personality will tell you if you should stick to the rules or break them. If you’re going to break them how to do it. Your personality is unique to you and defines who you are as a person. It’s your personal brand and makes you memorable. It’s the reason why you feel the need to:

  • Wear flat comfortable shoes
  • Wear super high heels
  • Wear big bold patterns
  • Wear no patterns at all
  • Wear sneakers with your jeans
  • Wear sneakers only when you’re actually exercising
  • Love bling or lace
  • Hate bling or lace

and I could go on and on and on.

So it’s time to dive in and print our downloadable PDF for Step 1 Your Personality (you’ll want to print it out so you can write your answers on it).   Work through the questions then watch the videos – it’s there to help explain more about interpreting your Personality Quiz answers (don’t watch it until after you’ve done the quiz).

After you’ve worked through, jump onto the 7 Steps to Style forum and start sharing what you’ve learned, asking any question to clarify or just participating in the community.

What is the influence your personality has on the style of clothing you choose?  Discover it now when you Step 1 Your Personality here.

Watch this new Facebook live video that explains the new overview document.

Use this to note down your specifics as you work through the program. This is your cheat sheet!

Discover Your Style Type

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