Topics Covered in this Masterclass Webinar

Finding a Hairstyle

10:00 Skin Texture and Hairstyles

Hair Texture

  • 10:59 Hair Texture – Thick
  • 12:05 Hair Texture – Coarse
  • 14:24 Hair Texture – Curly
  • 16:59 Hair Texture – Straight
  • 20:10 Hair Texture – Wavy
  • 22:53 Hair Texture – Fine

Face Shapes

  • 25:22 Balanced – Oval and Diamond
  • 28:13 Short – Round and Square
  • 30:53 Long – Oblong and Rectangle
  • 32:25 Unbalanced – Heart and Triangle

Facial Features

  • 34: 35 Angled or Chiseled features
  • 36:22 Combination Features
  • 37:16 Curved Featured
  • 38:37 Ear placement and short hair

Body Image

  • 43:08 Body Proportion and Balance
  • 43:52 Petite
  • 46:25 Plus
  • 47:13 Unbalanced body shape

Where to part Your Hair

  • 48:04 Centre
  • 50:31 Side

Personality and Your Hair

  • 52:57 Classic
  • 54:03 Relaxed
  • 55:03 Dramatic
  • 55:44  Creative
  • 56:43 Rebellious
  • 57:20 Feminine
  • 58:11 Elegant Chic

Choosing Flattering Colour

  • 59:24 Undertone in your palette
  • 01:02:48 Eyebrows
  • 01:06:01 Skin Tone

Embracing the Grey

  • 01:08:10 Going Grey
  • 01: 11:26 Temporary wash out colour or spray
  • 01:13:31 Curly hair and. Straight hair
  • 01:14:07 Getting a new funky and modern cut
  • 01:15:43 Get highlights and low lights
  • 01:16:24 Getting a bangs
  • 01:18:11 Hide outgrowth hair
  • 01:19:17 Multi-tonal Grey Hair

01:20:01 Styling Tips

  • 01:22:45 Growing Out Your Fringe
  • 01:23:58 Styles that Work with Thinning Hair
  • 01:28:16 Frizz

Plus a few questions answered.

01:30:35 – Cutting hair to remove some hair with dye

01:31:48 Temporary Hair Colour – how long it lasts?

01:34:32 Cool colouring – which highlight colour to choose?

01:36:10 Does mousse works for Frizzy Hair?

01:36:44 How to Get Volume for Thin Hair?

01:38:25 Do you have recommended unscented products for thick wavy hair?

01:40:02 Roller technique for Thin Hair

Products Mentioned in this Masterclass


Flaxseed Gel for Curly Hair

How You Can Have Fabulous Hair Everyday

Gwen Thomas of On Stage Hair Studio in Onarga Illinois

Topics Covered In this Video

1.10 How to talk to your hairdresser about what you want

8.58 If you’re not happy with the result of your hairdressing visit – how do you bring this up with the hairdresser?

12:09 If somebody brings in a photo and they have different facial shapes, what’s your way of working with this?

13:05 Some of the issues that people brought up – Frizz.

15:14 What are some brand examples to use for summer humid frizz?

15:36 How about winter frizz – what’s a product you might use?

17:10 Do you like silicon products?

18:15 All products build up on your hair – is that why shampoo that you normally like stops working?

19:16 Tip on cleaning your hair and it’s not about the bubbles

20:02 How to keep grey from going yellow, especially when you have well water?

21:26 Does chlorine in water makes hair greenish?

22:30 Going grey – What do I do if the salon is not open? How do you do it?

25:47 Would you recommend having a shorter cut when going grey?

28:45 Is there a time to embrace the grey?

29:54 How much lighter and darker can you go from your current hair?

32:02 When people dye their hair too dark, it just looks harsh. How many shades darker would you recommend before it starts to look really harsh?

33:45 I got more grey hair in the front than the back. How can I get an even look – can I get highlights, or will they look fake or brassy overtime?

36:25 How fast or easy someone’s hair strips?

37:16 Someone got warm colouring transitioning to grey – the hairdresser gave her very ashy hair, but she wanted a warm grey and not a cool grey – is there anything that she could say to her hairdresser?

38:37 All about hair loss and hair tends to start thinning down.

39:40 Does men shampoo works for women as well?

40:22 Options for thinning hair problems

41:20 Is there any hair products that are going to make your thinning hair look fuller?

42:20 Disguising your hair

43:34 Do red laser lights affect your hair growth?

43:54 All about products to hold curls

44:42 Tips on how to take care of your curly hair

47:47 Ways to get curly hair

49:10 Hair wax – how do you know which is the right product?

51:17 Product to try when you have Limp hair

52:17 What are some good blue and purple shampoo to try?

54:50 How long should you leave your blue or purple shampoo on your head?

55:28 Transitioning from Dark to Light hair

57:54 Does highlights works for cool colouring?

1:00:04 Are there do’s and don’t for where to end layers?

1:03:29 Simple Ways to create more volume in your hair

1:05:49 Upkeep on dark roots

1:06:58 How do you get the crazy hair colours?

1:09:13 Does the coloured waxes leave a residue?

1:09:37 Are hair chalks easily washed out?

1:10:42 If I want to get highlights on light ash brown hair, how do you describe it to your stylist? Is there a name for cool highlights other than ash?

1:11:48 Are there any good mask or oil treatment products to use for dry hair?

1:15:48 Heat Protection for Hair

1:19:15 Does ceramic or tourmaline makes a difference in heat tools?

1:19:42 Which would you go for – ceramic or tourmaline?

1:19:54 Does Redken purple mask work on light brown hair?

1:21:10 My hair is dyed brown, will it turn orange as the dye fades?

1:22:51 When is it better to use a blue or purple conditioner versus blue or purple shampoo?

Product Build Up

One of the great tips that Gwen shares in this video is how to clarify your hair to remove product build up – that experience when what seemed to be a great product suddenly stops working.

She recommends 2 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar and rinsing that through your hair monthly to remove product build-up.

Run the diluted vinegar solution through your scalp and hair and let set for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and follow with a deep conditioner.

Frizzy Hair and Why Yours Frizzes

I loved this tip that Gwen shared – how to figure out what kind of product you need to stop that dry feeling.
When your hair is wet – get 10 strands and stretch it

  • If they start breaking you need a product with PROTEIN to strengthen it (such as Olaplex)
  • If it stretches then you need a product to add moisture (an oil – such as Argan Oil)

For Adding Moisture

For Adding Protein

Dry weather Frizz

Humid weather Frizz

Aveda Smooth Infusion

Stop Your Hair Going Brassy

Brown Hair

Blonde Hair

If You Have Rust Build Up and Hard Water

Gwen talked about Malibu Hair treatment to remove rust build up – learn about it here.

Heat Protectants

For Use with Straightening Irons

Before Blow Drying

For Curly Hair

L’anza Healing Style Curl define cream

Deva Curl Gel

RE:COIL curl activator

How to Get Great Curly Hair

Wash twice and rinse your hair then put in daily conditioner away from your scalp and comb through it with the large tooth comb before rinsing the conditioner out. After rinsing,  get out of the shower and bend over and wring out excess water with just your hands and then use a towel or old T-shirt to just absorb water from the ends (not roughing it with a towel or wrapping your head in a towel.)  Squeeze the water out and do not rub your hair!

Put the curl cream in your hands (about 1 teaspoon), rubbing it between your palms. Bend over at the waist and apply the cream to the ends first, pushing straight up into the ends of your hair and gently closing your hands around the waves. Then run whatever cream is left in your hands through the rest of your hair.

After applying the cream,  loosely wrap your head in an old T-shirt to soak up dripping water & leave it on from 5-20 minutes before letting it down to either air dry or diffuse with the blow dryer, pushing the hair up to the scalp with the diffuser and holding for about a minute (described in the video around the 45 minute -47 minute mark).

The only time it’s combed is with the conditioner on in the shower.

Thinning Hair

To disguise thinning hair

Try XFusion hair fibres

To regrow your hair try Rogaine