Accessorise with Style

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Sick of feeling your style is bland, boring and that you’re fading into the wallpaper?

Find out the secret to creating stylish outfits without having to spend a fortune on new clothes.

Discover how to make every outfit more stylish by accessorising, starting today!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re standing in front of your wardrobe and choosing an outfit to wear for the day. You want to feel gorgeous, confident and look stylish, no matter what activities you have on for the day.

You grab a couple of your favourite garments, those trusty favourites and pop them on, then turn to look in the mirror and you think it’s OK, but it feels bland and boring and you are anything but a bland and boring woman. You’ve tried accessorizing but you just don’t know where to start or how to do it well and have basically given up.


You’re getting ready to go to an event, and yes, you’ve got that trusty flattering dress that you’ve worn heaps of times, and you keep thinking to yourself that really you should be buying a new outfit because hasn’t everyone seen this before, like, heaps of times? Yet your time is tight cos you’re a super busy woman with a whole stack of plates to spin! And shopping can be so frustrating as you never find what you are really wanting and end up settling for something that is second best. You wish there were a way to turn your trusty dress into an outfit that looks new and fresh and makes you feel put-together and sophisticated.

Yet you don’t know where to start without having to shop til you drop and pray that you’ll stumble across that perfect item, that’s in your size, colours and the epitome of your personal style?

So...what do you do?

You try on every combination of clothes in your wardrobe ending up with every garment you own on the bed (or the floordrobe) and you’re left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

You hit the shops and come home with something that resembles all the other outfits you already own as you play it safe and boring, and it just doesn’t make your heart sing.

Or you buy something so different that you end up never wearing it as it makes you feel too uncomfortable.


You put off thinking about what to wear and get more and more dissatisfied with your style and it makes you feel like half the woman you are as your confidence slowly saps away.

You know this approach is not working for you

It’s time you learn how to use the power of accessories to create consistently stylish outfits that you feel great in, ones that make you stand out, rather than blending in to the background.

Imagine if …

Every time you got dressed you knew exactly which accessories would work with each outfit…

And you knew exactly how to dress your outfits up and down just by using your accessories.

And because you are now feeling more stylish this gives you the charisma and courage from feeling more confident that you need to go out and achieve your goals.

And best of all you quickly notice that you’re getting compliments and being noticed in a positive way.

… this is how it should be .. and how it can be for you too!
So what if your daily dressing woes could be different?

If you could finally figure out how to make every basic outfit a winner?

If you could stop stressing about how to add that finishing touch to take your outfits from blah to hurrah?

If you could confidently step out knowing that you’ve really mastered the art of accessorising and you feel polished and poised, ready to take on the day?

You deserve all this and so much more and I’m here to help you make it happen!

Accessorise with Style


A 90 minute on-demand video masterclass and accompanying accessorising workbook to give you the knowledge and expert advice you need to teach you how to use accessories to make any outfit more stylish so you don’t have to spend a fortune on new clothes.

If you want to transform your outfits from ordinary to inspired, learning how to accessorise with style is the answer.

Each time I watch your Accessorise with Style masterclass I learn something new! I’ve now on my 3rd time through and I’m now not just grabbing the closest or easiest to find necklace or earrings but instead using the tips you shared in the masterclass to choose the ones that are going to look the best. I’ve also rearranged the way I store my accessories to make it easier each day to use them. I’ve managed to find some fantastic shoes that make my legs look longer and a hat I love that flatters my features, now that I know what I’m looking for. Normally when I’m shopping I usually can’t choose between two or three items, but this time it was easy as only one fitted my new criteria! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to watch it again and learn even more.
Linda K

What you'll learn...

Tips on selecting and styling every kind of accessory, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. From hats and headwear, glasses andjewellery, through to belts, bags and shoes. You’ll discover where to wear your handbag for your body shape, how to choose a belt for your body proportions and how to choose scarves for every occasion and season.

Let’s not forget shoes! You wear them every day and your shoe selection can make or break your outfit. You’ll discover how easy it is to dress an outfit up or down using accessories. How you can take that trusty dress and make an outfit that looks new and fresh for every different occasion.

How to choose accessories to work with your colour and value contrast so that you always look amazing. Plus building your accessory wardrobe in a conscious and thoughtful way so that you have the right pieces for every occasion in your life.

How to use accessories to create figure flattering focal points so you draw attention to the body parts you choose and distract from where you wish to camouflage.

Discover how your personality influences all your accessory choices, and how you can feel more authentic in every outfit by using accessories that really communicate something about you. The art (and science) of choosing the right accessories for every outfit.

This Masterclass is for you if:

You’d love to be able to dress every outfit up or down easily so you get more value from your existing wardrobe

You want to take your style to a whole new level

You are happy to experiment with different accessories, and try new things so that you can put what you learn in the masterclass into practise

It's probably not for you if:

You can’t be bothered to think about anything more than putting on clothes so that you’re not naked each day

You hate fussing with any sort of accessory

You’re already using a wide range of accessories every day and you constantly get complimented for your style

Hi there, I’m Imogen and I really love to accessorise!

I’m an internationally award-winning image consultant and personal stylist who has been helping intelligent women discover their best colours and personal style since 2004. I truly believe that your style is integral to your identity and feeling confident as it’s an outward expression of your personality and values. When you improve your style so it’s in alignment with your personality it transforms and elevates your self-image so that you have the charisma that comes from confidence so that you can step out, be seen and share your genius with the world.

Still Got Questions?

The outfit masterclass is recorded and available on-demand.  So you can watch it, pause, rewind and watch again and again at a time convenient to you.  You have lifetime access to the Accessorise with Style t Masterclass.
You will choose your password upon purchase and then be able to login to our Membership Website immediately and access the Accessorise with Style Masterclass. 

You can watch and re-watch it at any time as you have lifetime access.

The masterclass also has all topics timestamped, so if you just want to review a particular accessory or topic, you can fast forward to the exact time in the video.

You can contact our support team to help you. The most common issues are a typo in your email address or the password you chose, or non-completion of the payment (if you didn’t get redirected to our Thank You page after you check out, then your payment hasn’t gone through.

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If you are having issues, please contact our support team – click on the HOW CAN WE HELP button at the bottom right of your screen.

Others are saying...

Your Accessorise with Style masterclass gave me a whole new enlightened way of thinking about accessorising my outfits. From how simply they can jazz up an outfit, to being able to use accessories to wear an outfit in different ways and get more mileage out of each garment. I know now how what to look for and how better coordinate my outfits and since my style is quite simple I’m inspired to use accessories to create interest.


This masterclass is the complete summary in how to accessorise! I gained a new insight into how to choose the right nude shoes for me and why I need finer straps and heels on my shoes. I also loved discovering how to choose the style of scarf and its fabric, whether to use a silk one or a cotton one depending on where I’m going and the rest of my outfit. I’ve got so many great pointers for future reference to help me choose jewellery and I’m loving putting this great information into practice.

Linda S

The Accessories Masterclass has made me think more about the accessories I choose and how my personality influences these choices and it has inspired me a lot!


There’s no time like right now

Get the Accessorise with Style masterclass right now and make your next outfit stand out and shine as you learn how to accessorise in a way that expresses your personality and adds that unique and individual touch to every outfit you wear.

If you’re sick of bland and boring and want to take your style to the next level, then this is the masterclass you need.